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i had sex with a girl of 24 and im 18 she has had 3 kids but they are all away from her for 1 reason or another, anyway i know she has a more than a few blokes and she wont let me use a condom cause one broke inside her once and frightened her but she dose take the morning after pill im not sure if i have caught anything from her i dont think so but i dint want to go to dr's is there any way i can check for myself and if not what do i say at the dr's also how long dose it take for a woman to get sighns of being pregnent!!

Worried, UK



Dear Worried
if you are concerned about you ex experience ring NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 as soon as possible and ask for the telephone number and address of your nearest STD Clinic.
They treat all matters in confidence and you will find them very understanding
Best of luck yours Sarah

Hi sarah,

I am 19 and a virgin and am really worried. I want to have sex but am finding actually doing it scary. i just do not know how to do it. please could you send me some advice. i think if i do not do it soon my girlfriend will leave me.

Highlander. U.K

To Highlander

There are many advice books on better sex, but the "Tao of love and ecstacy" by Jolan Chang also deals with the psychological and spiritual side - ISBN -0-7045-0188-0.
As a virgin you might as well get off on the right foot, so to speak. If you wish you may choose to discuss and read its contents with your girlfriend.
Try amazon for a copy - failing that wear a kilt.



I have a real quick question, that I hope you will replay to: I'm on birth control (ortho tri cyclen) I take it like I'm suppose to and my boyfriend uses condoms with "spermicidal lubricant" every time. The question is... What are the chances that I will get pregnant?
Thanks for your time!!

Dear SE,
The average failure for the average use of condoms per year is about 8% the failure rate for contracteptive pills is 3%. The combined probability if failure in any one year is 1 in 400


Dear Sarah,

Hi. I have a few questions for you regarding having sex for the first time. I met a guy. He's a very nice friend and I have always regarded our relationship as purely platonic. I spent some time with him the other night after he flew in from another city. We were looking at the view on the balcony when he put his arms around my waist. Seconds after that, i realized that he was stroking my breasts. He even stuck his hands under my skirt. When he held my hand in his, he squeezed it hard and he had this heavy and rapid breathing. I would like you to tell me if the chances are he wanted to turm our relationship into a sexual one? When all the above happened, I did feel my vagina went moist but I,m sure that he's not the one I would like to be romantically involved with. Australia

Agony Aunt Ann


Sex Bedroom


Dear - Australia

The most important thing in any relationship is to avoid lies.Do you really think you friend doesn't want to have sex with you? If you want to have sex with him have sex with him. If you don't want to have sex with him don't have sex with him.
Men often can't distinguish between sex and friendship. They also have problems talking about their feelings. Why don't you encouage him to talk about his feelings for you? Maybe this poem could help. Best of Luck



That night you touched me
I felt I couldn'e respond
Something inside me said
Hang on a minute Is this platonic?
Or have I got it wrong?
My best driend Now I know you long
For something more to feel complete
Expressed in the heat of the moment
I'm not your lover but your confidante